Sep. 28, 2006 @ 02:17

Well I managed to survive my birthday this year. Just.

The standard three cards from my family – random/surreal card from my sister, hint at sexual disfunction disguised as humour card from my parents and a touching yet sentimental one from Grandma. Still, I’m not complaining, it’s just how consistent they are. :o)

I did actually drag myself out for what was supposed to be a quiet drink too, however I bumped into an aqquaintance at the pub who refused to stop buying me Guinness because it was my birthday. The weekend was much of the same except this time with a friend who I hadn’t seen since spring as they were working abroad. T’was certainly a suprise to be carded by the bouncer for proof of age. You have to be 20 to get in and I’m 31. I guess shaving for a change helped…

Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a birthday present and dipped into my savings to upgrade my PC. I kind of need to because a lot of the 3D stuff i’m getting into is really starting to grind on this old P4. I’ve plumped for a complete refit which means a new E6600 Core2Duo processor, 2Gb Ram, SATAII hard disk and a G965 chipset mobo. Of course, Intel announces that the quad core will be available 2 days after I order everything which migh push the price of the E6600 down. Bugger.

Also this month I’ve been back and forth to various meetings regarding my new job. I’ve been meaning to update my “about” page with my new employer and position however we’re not exactly sure what it is I’m mean’t to be doing there or when I’m going to start. If my track record is anything to go on I’ll end up doing something completely at odds with my talents that bores the hell out of me.

Finally, I’ve been a bit pissed off this month by a certain company in the US of A. I can’t say much for various reasons but a few of you reading this will know who I mean. The sheer idiocy of some people just stuns me and the fact they get themselves so out of their depth yet just can’t admit it. Seriously, I’m more inclined to help if you just ask for it and not faff around pretenting you know what you’re doing.

So yeah, this months been pretty S.N.A.F.U.

Responses to “S.N.A.F.U”

I take it that the suxually explicit material in the b-day card we sent you got cencored then? ;0)

Posted by Tomppa
Fri, September 29th, 2006 @ 10:32

Well technically it arrived a week *after* my birthday so it doesn’t count.

And anyway, if you consider what was on that card sexual then you are a very sick person, my friend!

Posted by Jed
Fri, September 29th, 2006 @ 13:57

Surely you admit that naked men in glaciar lakes can’t be concidered anything else but sexual manifestations?! 😐

Posted by Tomppa
Sat, September 30th, 2006 @ 21:37

Hey, what happens on Bareback Mountains stays on Bareback Mountain! 😀

Posted by Jed
Sat, September 30th, 2006 @ 21:43


It didn’t mean anything to me!

Posted by Tomppa
Sun, October 1st, 2006 @ 13:51

We planned and designed the card for a week and now it´s ignored! Byäääh! It was from the bottom of our heart.

Posted by Elina
Mon, October 2nd, 2006 @ 17:53

OK. Now I feel really bad :õ(

Posted by Jed
Mon, October 2nd, 2006 @ 18:48

Oh, please don´t! All this is just theater to get more attention 😀

Posted by Elina
Tue, October 3rd, 2006 @ 09:52