Day of Defeat Custom VGUI

This is a custom VGUI designed to replace the default Day of Defeat 1.3 game menus and make them look just that little bit nicer. Apart from the graphical changes it also fixes a few problems with ovesized fonts and has some small tweaks to make the scoreboard a little more viewable.

The new VGUI works by placing files in your Steam DoD folder which are then used in preference to the files inside the game cache file. The resource files define font, window sizes and colours plus any graphics the menu contains.

You can use the files from you zip as a template/guide to making your own VGUI however there are some small points to note:

  • Entries in ClientScheme.res will be used in preference to entries in TrackerScheme.res
  • In some cases, images are shown scaled up twice as large as the size specified inside the resource file
  • Images must be 32-bit Targa TGA files. This means a RGB image with an 8-bit greyscale alpha channel
  • Many menu items use aliases as to what colours they use. You can override this by specifying the colour as a quoted string in the format “red green blue alpha”, e.g. “128 24 16 255”
  • Make sure that any font you use exists on the users system and contains ALL the characters needed. Some fonts don’t contain letters such as Ü which will cause problems with German class names
  • Some colours are hard coded and cant be changed
  • Some fonts are shared by several controls and changing it to fix one way have an adverse affect on another


Extract the zip file and you will find two folders. One called “dod” and one “Fonts”.

Install the files in the “fonts” folder into your system by using the fonts option under control panel. Copy the extracted “dod” folder and place it into your Steam\SteamApps\<your email>\day of defeat\dod\ folder.