Nov. 24, 2005 @ 01:06
No news is good news?

Wow, haven’t posted anything for a month, so I figured I’d fill the void.

Things have been pretty slow of my own choosing as I’ve been trying to get out more. Yes folks, I have in fact NOT been at my computer and playing “Reallife”. GUI is a little funky, the NPCs are hard to command but the framerates are amazing.

Nem has released a new version of VTFLib and VTFEdit with support from 7.2 format and HDR textures and I’ve been playing with moving the shell extensions and 3DS Max plug-ins over to it. Seemed to make more sense to use his library rather than keep chopping it up for my own sick pleasure.

I’ve been hacking around in Max on-and-off for the past month making up an artillery model for Waldo. This 75mm PAK 40 is going to be for his currently Work-In-Progress beach map based on Fox Green. It’s the first proper from-scratch Source map model I’ve made from scratch. I’ll be releasing a version for public consumption when its done.

Oh and the secret project GingerLord and I have been working on is coming along very nicely – thanks for not asking ;o) We will tell you about it soon – promise….

Responses to “No news is good news?”

This real-life game is pretty funky, hit detection is spot on, particle effects are amazing and the weather effects are amazing!

Secret Project :^)

Posted by John
Sat, November 26th, 2005 @ 08:18

What did you want me to do for the secret thing again?
I misplaced my Post-It(tm)

Posted by Pete
Mon, November 28th, 2005 @ 16:43

I’ve swept and mopped the floors, Mr. Jedrzejewski.

Anything else, sir?

Posted by Greg
Thu, December 1st, 2005 @ 10:47

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