Oct. 8, 2006 @ 19:18
Adios Amigo…

We got some bad news over at the Day of Defeat Forums a couple of days ago. One of our moderators, Christopher “Tekkobra” Mckinzie apparently died after a weapon related accident. At the time of writing we still don’t have any firm details of what happened exactly except that it was a weapon, assumed firearm and that he sustained fatal chest injuries.


Christopher " Tekkobra" Mckinzie

Chris was a financial advisor in Texas and was just about to make the big step of starting his own firm. He had a fiancee Claudine and two children. Sadly, I have to admit that’s all I knew of him and apart from the usual banter we exchanged in the forums we never knew each other outside of them. He was a good moderator, kept the trouble makers in order and contributed to the forums a great deal both in topics and debate and that’s how I’ll remember him most.

It was something that Tim, another moderator, said in relation to this that really stuck with me this week:

“It really puts some things in perspective – seeing more that everyone here is a real person with real lives (and sorrows), not just some nickname and sig on a forum.”

Here’s to you Chris…

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