Aug. 25, 2009 @ 21:57
A quick update.


This summers passed by really quickly and I realised I haven’t posted anything here for ages. I started a new job in June and I’ve been fairly full throttle with that for the past three month, hence the lack of any movement here. It’s nice to be working full time again and developing stuff but sadly it’s not game related. 🙁

I haven’t had as much freetime as before and what little I have has been given over to Ham and Jam and trying to get that finished. We are very close to be able to make a public release but we are still short of a few art assets. We are absolutely desperate for weapon texture artists for our first persion view models and it’s the only think holding us back right now. If I had to make an estimate I would say that with a reliable weapons texture artist on board, we could be looking at a public beta within 2 months.

Other stuff, not much moving on the plug-ins and such but I have had a lot of good feedback and I’ve got some new features I want to add to the VTA plug-in. I’m still toying with the idea of a VTA importer and possible a raw MDL importer but those are future projects if/when I get more time to myself. There is one minor update though – I’ve ported/tested my VTF Shell Extensions to work with the RTM (Release To Market) version of Windows 7. This is the proper release version of Windows 7, not the RC/Beta (although it should work with those as well) so hopefully no problems. As I haven’t added any features it’s the same version number, just re-download the installer as I’ve updated it for Windows 7.

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I reckon a mdl importer would be absolutely amazing. It would fix one of the most irritating and buggy steps in the process of making custom animations for Valve characters, namely the issues with the only decompiler we have available to us.

A vta importer would be awesome as well for recreating the TF2 vtas. At the moment we have to export out each frame from the vta as a seperate smd then combine them in Max as one model with a morph target. Can get a little time consuming when you have 40 frames to extract.

Posted by Mystfit
Tue, September 15th, 2009 @ 06:04

Thank you for all the life saving utilities provided on this website, they have been stable, reliable & essential resources for both the new comer & more seasoned source users. They cater to the needs of modelers, animators, compilers, skinners, curious georges….every skill set considered a skill. I use just about every one of the tools here since I began exploring source.

The least I could do, what all of us could do… is thank you every now and then as a reminder that your work is a blessing to many. That’s all I wanted to say!

Good luck with your project!!!

Posted by VG
Mon, September 28th, 2009 @ 01:59