Sep. 24, 2003 @ 04:29

Every once in a while you get an e-mail that reminds you why the heck you bother…

You are an absolute star. I started re-compiling sendmail 8.12.10 late this afternoon after installing the latest Berkeley DB (all in the cause of trying to get going some libmilter filters going – I’m drowning in spam here as of the past few days), and immediately came unstuck with pthread undefs in the link phase.

For the last 7 hours, I’ve been bashing my head against a wall. I actually found your site at about 8pm this evening but it wasn’t until 2am as I was about to give up and head for bed that I stopped messing around and decided to read your “tutorials/smtpauth.php” page in real detail. It was then that I noticed your comments re having added (after many tears at your end):

(a) –enable-posixmutexes to the configure for the db build, plus
(b) the -lpthread line in your sendmail site.config.m4

I thought “what the hell, why not hang in there for another 10 minutes and give it a go” and – bingo – problem solved.

Can’t easily afford to send you any money (my own site here is running at a bad loss but you have my heartfelt thanks for creating a great page of info.

Oh, BTW – similar to you here. Running RH 9, etc

Your page is also coherently written – a pleasure to read from an English language point of view – something which is becoming rarer these days on the ‘net

Thanks for a great resource,


Thanks Tony, you made my day.

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