Aug. 25, 2003 @ 15:25
The need for speed

WHY am I being cursed with the worst choice of ISP in the world?

Currently the only ISP servicing my apartment building is UPC and for the extortionate price of 414 SEK a month they give me a a piss poor 1Mb/384kb cable modem connection with any useful port firewalled off at the router.

Ok, I’m not intending to host some 0-day warez site on the goddam thing but blocking ports 21, 25, 80 and 110 and filtering anything on port 22 really makes it shitty if your a semi tech-savvy Linux user and want to access your machine remotely.

But whats really got my goat is a few of the better broadband ISP’s have been pimping their connections, sending me promises of 10Mb-26Mb downstream, 8mb-10Mb upstream and even 5 fixed IP’s with no port filtering for the same price as I’m paying now.

So with the semi-pornographic brochures in front of me, I call them slavering at the mouth at the thought of not having to wait 2 hours to upload a 5Mb file any more to be told the great news…

Seems that my building is the only one in my entire district thats connected to a telephone sub-exhange and its the wrong “type” of sub-exchange and hence, no soup for you.

Maybe if I sue the broadband companies for false advertising after them saying I can get a better connection. Maybe then I can afford to move somewhere where I CAN get one.

Responses to “The need for speed”

2 hours for a 5Mb upload? tsssk!

doesn’t even take me that long.

let me try something here..

<? phpinfo(); ?>

I need a pooh.. laters


PS… You know, this site looks ok in Lynx?


Posted by Cow
Thu, August 28th, 2003 @ 13:52

OK.. so i didn’t get the warning about inserting code until AFTER i hit the tit.

That’s not playing by the rules old boy

Posted by Me again
Thu, August 28th, 2003 @ 13:53

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