Sep. 5, 2003 @ 02:18

Wow been quite a busy few days…

First of all we’re almost (at time of writing) up to 1000 downloads of HLMV. That means that more people download it than the original two beta’s which isn’t something I expected to happen.

Sadly no donations though but hey, what did I expect.

Other stuff, well I got involved in some technical discussions and theories about whats causing the current frame rate hits and network lag in the latest version of Day of Defeat and it seems my theories struck a chord.

Two people involved with the games development have contacted me thanking me for my comments and apparently my ideas have been forwarded to Valve the games makers for comment. That last sentance didnt make sense but its late and I’m too tired to correct the grammar.

Though its strange to be taken so seriously it is kind of amusing that its gone this far.

Anyway, that aside I decided to add a guestbook to the site for anyone who might want to leave me a message not directly relating to any of my rambling diary entries.

2 days to go…

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