Feb. 18, 2005 @ 01:31
More VTF Shell Extensions

I’ve been trying some more stuff with shell extensions for Win2K/XP and have come up with one that expands my VTF Thumbnail Extension to add additional info to the folder when looking in Detail view.

What it does is provide you with extra columns, which you can individually select to be shown or hidden, that give you info about the VTF file – such as dimensions, compression format, MIP levels, flags, etc.

Heres a screenshot.

So far it compiles, installs and runs great on my system, but when I sent it to Nem to try, it would show the columns but not the info! :-/

I need to have a few more people check it, hopefully its just some goofy quirk on Nem’s system, if not I’ll go back to smacking my head on the desk and pondering why I ever bothered trying to learn C++…

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