Mar. 29, 2007 @ 22:30
3DS Max 9 SMD Exporter Update – 0.5Beta

Another update to my Max 9 SMD export plug-in.

This update should address the bug where normals were being exported with the value “-1.#IND000” instead of something sane. I’m not 100% sure if this bug is caused by user error with bad modelling, Visual Studio 2005 or Max’s 3DXI interface. Either way, I used a completely different approach to retrieve the normals vectors and this seems to solve it.

I’m starting to think that 3DXI is a really buggy system and wish I’d not used it at all now. While it’s pushed as being a simple API for people writing game export plug-in’s, I seem to be constantly coding around bugs in it with more “pure” Max SDK code.

Anyway, update your plug-in to the latest version and let me know of any more bugs.

Responses to “3DS Max 9 SMD Exporter Update – 0.5Beta”

Hey man very nice plugin. I use it with GLScene (which is a 3d graphics engine that uses SMD as a proprietary animation format) and max 9 (obviously) … Up until now we have been using Max8 and CFs plugin. So I’m glad I finally found your work for R9.

No problems as of yet but will keep you updated if i find any because we use it daily with hundreds of custom made models. Good work!

Btw, 3dXI is for sure a buggy system which is why everyone in our dev team avoids using it at all costs!

Posted by AnarchyRising
Sun, April 15th, 2007 @ 13:18

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