Oct. 15, 2005 @ 01:06
VTF Shell Extensions Update (v1.0.2)

Another tools update as promised. I’ve now added support for the new 7.2 VTF format to the VTF shell extensions and tweaked a few other bits and pieces.

The memory issue with the thumbnail viewer still perplexes me although it’s much better in this version. I think its something to do with heap memory and that fact that its not released until the application quits, but as explorer never does because its a system process, it never gets released. Either way you’ll see memory usage drop when you close a folder in thumbnail view.

The new 7.2 format add’s support for 3D volumetric textures although at present, none exist to test with, therefore support is “experiemental”. I’ve also added support for 16-bit HDR textures.

I’ve changed the way the installer works with this release so it should unistall properly, however before upgrading to v1.0.2 please unistall your previous version and reboot before installing.

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