Well it’s time for TPS reports, meetings with the Bobs’ and probably several cases of “The Mondays”.

I’m finally back at work after taking a time-out to recouperate after three long and exhausting years working on the same project. I had never felt so burnt-out in my life and so, on my doctor’s advice, took a break to get my head straight. In an effort to ease myself back in I’m working part time for a while before I kick into full code monkey mode.

There’s been some BIG changes since I was away – namely that my department of about 11 people was sold outright to a much larger IT consultancy firm so instead of just a bunch of us stuck in one corner of a small office we are now a bunch stuck in a corner of some huge cavern of a office building, complete with glass ceilings, glass lifts, pass cards (with an ID photo that makes me look like a hobo) and oddly shaped pieces of “art” all over reception.

Sadly I won’t be working on anything computer game related – a year of interviews and rejection from game companies I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll just have to stay as an unpaid hobby. So it’s back to coding for the Intarweb again.

Work will continue on my various tools and utilities though.

Sep. 29, 2007 @ 15:47

The past 3 months have been really stressful due to some changes with my job and the need to actually find some paid work to do. Not a lot has been happening, it’s been a struggle with a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of stress. So on the advice of my doctor, I took a short break and came back to England to visit my family.

A week in, I’ve had a phone call asking me if I’d consider working in Sheffield as a network programmer for a “NextGen” (I hate that phrase) game and asked to peruse a game concept and take part in a conference call with Intel to give my expert opinion. Yeah, Intel….

Why doesn’t this happen when I’m home and available instead of out in the boonies of England in a communications blackhole? Gah!