Mar. 21, 2008 @ 14:27

Can’t believe I forgot to mention this!

I think a lot of people know me from the years I spent on the old Day of Defeat forum. It’s where my interest in modding seriously started and where a lot of the inspiration for my modding tools came from (JHLMV was born there).

Anyway, late February we got word that Valve had finally decided to pull the seperate DoD site and forums and merge them into the Steampowered user forums. Sadly, we didn’t get a lot of advance warning and no provision was being made to back-up or archive the forums. Personally, I thought this was a real shame because the forums were a real goldmine of information for mappers and modders for both the Source and Goldsrc engines.

As best as I could, I set about writing a script to try and make a static archive of the forums but due to the time pressures I only managed the mapping and modelling forums. I went for these first as they had the largest ammount of info relevant to modders.

So here is what I managed to save. Sorry it’s not fantastically presented but the nature of trying to spider that many posts quickly and convert all the tags isn’t easy. However keeping it in a simple text format keeps the size/bandwidth down and makes it much easier to index.

Hope people find it useful.