Sep. 6, 2018 @ 22:48
3D Studio Max plug-ins update for Max 2019

A quick post as the title says it all. I’ve updated my 3DS Max plug-ins to work with 3D Studio Max 2019. Only one change and that’s with the SMD Importer – it now imports the Mesh as an Editable Poly instead of an Editable Mesh.

On another note – I know Jed’s Half-Life Model Viewer has been busted for a while – basically it’s a pre-historic chunk of code that wasn’t much modified from the Mete’s original code base and it’s outlived current operating systems.

I’ve been toying re-writing it as a proper cross-platform tool – for Windows, OSX and Linux, but haven’t had much motivation. Does anyone still use it? Is it worth the effort of updating it?

Let me know.

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