Feb. 22, 2007 @ 11:34
Ooh! I want one of these!

I was mooching around Stockholm yesterday (after risking my life to take photos standing in the middle of a frozen lake) and happened to walk past a model shop so out of curiosity I thought I’d take a look. Wow, plastic kits have got bigger since I was a kid. Seriously, one of these things came in a box about 6 feet tall!

Anyway, one thing caught my eye – they actually had a plastic kit of an IX-B U-Boat exactly the type I just made a 3D model of. Was wierd seeing the model I’d spent a month making from drawings and photos in 3D and to spot all the details I’d missed. I kind of wish I’d had it to use as reference. Was more impressed by the fact this model came with a motor and was actually designed to float – I can’t think who’d spend all that time making and painting this kit then stick it in the bath…

I wish I’d had the 400 SEK ($30) this thing cost. Would look good stood on top of my monitor. :o)

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