Dec. 19, 2006 @ 00:07
Going around…

To use one of Malin’s expressions; “Plane failurrrrrrreeee!”

I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator X about a month ago and on-and-off I’ve been playing my way through the missions. They start off fairly basic – taking some old fart’s Piper Cub to a fly-in, landing a Learjet on some far-away Island – but then seem to get more and more bizzare….

The Tokyo Executive Transport mission seemed fairly normal – take off in a Jet Ranger, land on a root-top helipad, pick up some VIPs and ferry them to another airport where a private jet is waiting. However what I wasn’t expecting upon landing was that my co-pilot was actually a British secret agent, that he wanted me to switch to a Lear Jet and follow the VIP’s plane halfway out into the pacific ocean. Oh, did I forget to mention the Ekranoplan that suddenly appears beneath you? Or the secret ring of mountains concealing the overlords evil lair? Oh may of also forgotten to mention that you have to land where theres nothing but water – but I wont spoil how… ;o)

Moving on from the surreal, I thought the Yakutat Mail Run mission would be easy enough. It seems however this is a test of how many failures does it take to make someone fly into the ground? Let see….

  • Frozen Pitot tube – check!
  • Vacuum failure – check!
  • Loss of attitude indicator – check!
  • Fog with zero visibility from 8000′ to 0′ – check!
  • Loss of local radar so NDB procedure approach – check!
  • Left engine failure and fire – check!
  • Bear on the runway – check!

Jeez, all they needed was some snakes and we’re really in business!

I just wish they’d put all the energy coming up with this missions into making FSX not suck. It’s not *that* much better than FS2004 in my opinion and is a complete resource hog on my system which is by no means under powered.

Responses to “Going around…”

Makes you wonder what kind of mushrooms they have at the Microsoft planning office..


Posted by Tomppa
Tue, December 19th, 2006 @ 16:13

Geez, I haven’t flown an MSFS since…hmmm…must be FS95. I think they feel they have to stretch a bit to make the game a bit more challenging.

Ahhhh…I have fond memories of spending an entire weekend playing F-15 Strike Eagle on my trusty little Commodore 64. Those were heady times! And we were stoned to the bejeezus belt! O_o

Posted by Werewolf
Sun, December 24th, 2006 @ 04:32

Ah, well I started back with Flight Sim 4 – I think I still have the disks somewhere.

BTW, I hear that Combat Flight Sim 4 is on it’s way – Microsoft have been advertising for people to work on it.

Posted by Jed
Sun, December 24th, 2006 @ 15:15

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