Jul. 6, 2006 @ 10:09
More Ham and Jam

Not posted for a while as life has been going at a rather ridiculous pace of late.

First off, I’ve started back at my old job again. It’s only part time (two hours a day, three days a week – doctor’s orders) but it’s a start. No-one is quite sure what exactly my on-going role will be as I have a fairly diverse skill set and I need to re-learn a few things and get up to speed with what’s new since I left.

In addition, my department of nine people has been bought by another larger company so, as of September, I relocated to new offices. Not quite sure what to expect at the new place – they’re 2000+ compared to our meagre crew so I’m hoping we can function as a quiet, autonomous little unit and not be too bothered by anyone else.

Apart from that, a lot of my time has been taken up by working on Ham and Jam. It’s been coming along really well over the past six months although we had a bit of a productivity dip during the summer when everyone had exams and vacation.

We’ve had three good play tests and have squashed a lot bugs and are still refining a lot of the game play code. I’ve been switching back and forth between coding, modelling and doing historical research on Operation Deadstick and Pegaus Bridge.

We still don’t have a release date yet, but we always said at the start we weren’t going to rush ourselves or commit to a date. That’s helped a lot and it’s reflected in the quality of the work that’s come out.

So work continues. I’m trying to finish up the new British and Commonwealth player model while others finish texturing the weapon models and the animators get to grips with the v_models. Maybe soon we’ll actually post some pictures that don’t contain stuff from DoD:S! :o)

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