Jul. 19, 2005 @ 22:14
It’s going to be getting slow around here…

There probably won’t be much new on the site for a while as I’m “slowing down” for a bit.

Long story short, I’m really bored at the moment and a bit lost without any projects to work on. :o/ I was planning to churn out a load of custom map models for DoD:Source mappers, but now that Valve is doing everything in-house, im sure their pro-modellers will be making plenty of map models at a much higher quality than I ever could.

Theres also a lot more Source tools/apps coming out at the moment and their much better than mine and written by much smarter people. Again, why duplicate the work of someone when I could be doing something else?

Apart from all that – I what to re-do some aspects of my site so that I can add other things that dont currently fit into the structure very well. I’ve had some ideas for a few non model/tool related resources and don’t really have a place for them so I figured a sort out is in order.

So again, don’t expect much new for a while…

Responses to “It’s going to be getting slow around here…”

I’d like to see you doing some good ol’ generic map models. You know, walls which have a relativily simple UV map for adding new skin types to match different mods of the Source engine. For example, the same debris model for CS: Source, HL2DM, and DOD:Source, but can be textured differently for each one.

Posted by Shades
Fri, July 22nd, 2005 @ 23:51

If you are looking for something to do well I’ve got a mod that needs a modeler for the characters and weapons if you want to join the team the website adress is : http://thow.bravehost.com

Posted by bb_buster
Sun, August 7th, 2005 @ 16:01

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