Dec. 11, 2004 @ 06:37
Team Fortress 2 still around?

I was looking through the Source SDK C++ files and came across a whole bunch of references to TF2. Not that I really played TF1 much, but certainly I dont remember rideable guns, a mini-map or isometric commander view.

Extracts include…


MOVETYPE_ISOMETRIC, // For players -- in TF2 commander view, etc.


// Returns the view model if this is the local player. If you're in

// third person or this is a remote player, it returns the active

// weapon (and its appropriate left/right weapon if this is TF2).


// It should be positioned by TF2/HL2 separately, and TF2 should

// position it according to the minimap position



// TF2 Specific Activities



Well thats just some of them, theres a whole stack of them really. Does this mean TF2 isn’t actually dead?

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