Nov. 26, 2004 @ 21:29
Oops. Errr, “Sorry”

It appears that myself and GingerLord caused a bit of confusion in the DoD world. Or rather, we didn’t cause the confusion – lack of reading by others and rumours caused it.

Seems the picture I posted in my last post of our experiments with the CS:Source SDK got taken out of context and almost 20 DoD sites mistakenly belived that it was an *official picture of the real DoD:Source game. Its both funny and a bit annoying considering that I never claimed it was DoD:Source both in the orignal thread or the repost someone made.

What amazes me is the way people reacted and read so much into the picture – the fact it was obviously the CS:Source HUD they were *horrified* at the idea that player would have to use money to buy weapons and that they were traumatised by the textures in the map.

Anyway, the only apologies I really need to give is to the guys at Valve for any problems it caused, although as I said, we never claimed it was DoD. We certainly weren’t trying to fake pics, its just some people are too damn stupid to read.

Anyway, just to clear up some points…

The map is a convertion of dod_density to Source. Its a straight conversion with no optimisations or new textures. Its the orignal HL1 format 256×256 textures which is why they dont look as nice as the CS:Source textures. Yes, GingerLord is working on some new ones but he had literally spent only a few hours moving the map into Source at the time the screenshot was taken.

The weapon model is just a 1.3 custom model ported to Source. I was messing with the model compiler to see how easy it is to port models to the new Source format. I used this particular one because it was fairly high polycount compared to other HL1 models but not as high as some in CS:Source of Half-Life 2. Yes the scope lens is bright – I was experimenting with shaders and still figuring out the best settings for reflecting the world in a texture.

The player models are my 1.3 British Airborne models. Again, I was just experiementing with the new compiler and some utilities I’d written and just happen to use them as a test model.

Right, well now we’ve cleared that little lot up, if your still curious you can see the pictures in question below:

And just for the hell of it because we got bored…

Movies are XVID4 encoded and should play if you have DivX installed. If not, you can get the XVID codec here.

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