Nov. 7, 2004 @ 22:38
Source SDK

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably already know that the Half-Life Source SDK has been released for those lucky enough to own a Source based game.

I’ve already had quite a few e-mails asking me if I’ll update any of my stuff for the Source engine so I figured I’d best say something general here.

At the moment, I don’t have a working copy of the SDK as I dont own, or have the money to buy, one of the Source subscriptions on Steam. Im a bit old fashioned too in that I like to own something physically when I spend money so I’ll probably see if I can find a copy in the stores when it comes out here in Sweden.

Anyway, the current SDK is rather incomplete so trying to do anything with it isnt very worthwhile although its given me an insight into some of the workings of source. I’ve managed to get a very hacked SMD importer for Max and Milkshape put together which supports the new Source SMD format. However there a bit buggy and not really worth releasing.

As for other stuff, yes I’ll probably update GUIStudioMDL to work with the new model compiler once the full SDK is out and I know all the parameters and I’ll actually try and integrate it properly so it doesnt require and external EXE to run.

As for HLMV, well I dont know for sure. I can only modify it if the full SDK includes the source for it. Seeing as its based on an old version of the orignal HLMV which was released as Open Source I would personally hope Valve release the source to it too. Saying that, its now a DirectX application not OpenGL and my knowledge of DirectX programming is minimal at best. Either way, as with the orignal HLMV any modifications I make to it will be based on adding features I need.

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