Oct. 7, 2004 @ 10:06
This and that…

Apologies for a lack of updates for a while. I’ve not been feeling too great of late and a bit disillusioned with the whole Day of Defeat modding/community thing.

It’ll probably pass – Im just sick of servers being full of CounterStrike players acting like arseholes and the demise of people actually playing as a team. That and the modding community seems to of lost anyone with talent and its just full of talentless hackjobbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand everyone has to start somewhere, as I did years ago (and some of my early work was rubbish!) but at the moment its as if people aren’t even trying, their peers are brown-nosing and boosting their egos and any constructive critisism makes them throw their toys out of their cradle.

I don’t mind helping those with talent develop and those that are willing to put in the effort but when someone makes something which is truely shit and can’t accept constructive pointers as to why, well frankly, fsck ’em.

Anyway, rant over…

On the plus side, the re-worked Airborne models I was making for the Arnhem anniversary are done, however my erstwhile associate in charge of the download server is AWOL at the moment so until he’s back I can’t upload them. But by way of compensation, heres a quick render of British Glider Pilot Regiment Staff Sergeant. Basically these models are a re-working of my existing ones but I’ve added more detail in the faces and hands and re-done a lot of the textures.

I’ve also been writing some plug-ins for AMX/AMXMODX for shits-and-giggles which will probably get released fairly soon. Quick hacks include a “No Scope Sniper” plug-in which notifies admins if a person is making un-scoped sniper skills, something most servers consider a no-no. Theres also the Smoke Grenade plug-in which seems to be causing a bit of contraversy. Seems people thing its going to ruin DoD and cause all sorts of problems. Trust me, it doesnt – its nothing like grenades in CS and its use is limited. Its really there for the purpose of providing cover for those difficult breakouts. Lastly, theres the Missing Sounds plug-in which re-instates all the missing voice commands that got lost from 3.1->1.3 plus a few others I found. So now you can yell “Medic!” and “Drop your weapons!” to your hearts content…

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