Jul. 25, 2004 @ 16:30
“Necessity is the mother of all invention”

I don’t know whats got into me of late. I seem to be coding more plug-in for applications than actually using the applications themselves. Guess it takes my mind of other things…

I’ve been reading for a while now peoples complaints about taking models from Half-Life into 3D Studio Max and how it doesn’t work quite right. Not suprising really considering that the SMD format is a bag-o-shitetm and the current MaxScript based importer doesn’t smooth the model meshes. Not a massive problem if you just want to hack out a new animation sequence, but if you actually want to work on the model it breaks the bone assignments and you have to re-do all the enveloping again.

Anyhew… Seeing as Milkshape3D seems to be the de facto low-poly modelling tool for Half-Life, I figured I’d have a crack at making a work around in the form of a Milkshape3D import plug-in for Max.

The theory is sound enough – you can import the Half-Life stuff into Max which doesn’t facet the faces, save it as a MS3D file and then open it in Max again and use it’s more powerful tools for whatever you like.

Anyhew, I started hacking today (or more acurately at 3am this morning) and so far its going pretty ok. I’ve got a proper Max6 plug-in fleshed out that actually works (shock! horreur!) and it so far imports the meshes and applies the correct smoothing and smoothing groups to them.

Some slight issues need to be resolved still, such as sorting the orientation and obviously adding support for materials, bones, animation, etc. but its a start.

Not bad I think for someone who hasn’t got a clue how to use C++ pointers. :o/

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