Jul. 3, 2004 @ 02:54
Legal Beagle

Its 3:47am and I’m sat here mailing back and forth with a Washington law firm over the finer points of an IP Rights Transfer agreement…

Its common knowledge that some of the DoD custom map models I made have been used in maps to be released officially by Valve and as such, they as an any other company, want to secure the intellectual property rights for them.

This I have no issue with, im being compensated anyway, but I got the paperwork late (thank to the Swedish Midsommar holidays) and I needed to clarify a few legal issues. This comes as no suprise to those who have seen me hammer IP law down the throat of copyright abusers in the past…

It’s just a little annoying that because of the time difference and the fact the weekend is upon us that these issues may *possibly* delay the release of a few new maps by a week and I risk the wrath a few tens of thousand DoD players.

Fingers crossed all will go well as its not a big issue, just some clarification needed. All I have to do is put my signature next to Gabe Newell’s and FedEx it back to the US.

Responses to “Legal Beagle”

A little annoying 😀 ??

Fascinated by this IP law i found this

“The purposes of these laws has varied, but most grant the “owner” a monopoly on the use or copying of the protected “property”. This was done historically to both to grant a boon to a king’s favourite, as well as “to promote the progress of science and useful arts”. In the latter sense, patents and copyrights serve as incentive to inventors and authors to produce works which benefit the public. These creators can exact a fee from those who wish to copy their invention or publish their compositions.

Seen as an incentive to benefit the public, patent rights in particular promoted innovation by ensuring that someone who devoted, say, ten years of penury while struggling to develop vulcanized rubber or a workable steamship, could recoup his investment of time and energy. Using monopoly power, the inventor could exact a fee from those who wanted to make copies of his invention. Set it too high, and others would simply try to make a competing invention, but set it low enough and one could make a good living from the fees. ”


So there we go fellas. Though it begs the question, would humanity be where it is today without people stealing others ideas and reworking them? Though someone who has a monopoly on their work may motivate others to try and match it by creating something of equal or greater value. Interesting…

Either way, i really really really hope these maps are eventually released =)

Posted by Das-Kiff
Sat, July 3rd, 2004 @ 05:04

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