Nov. 16, 2003 @ 20:51
Winter Blues

Theres been a lack of updates on my part for quite some time now. Not completely my fault as evil forces have been conspiring to keep me away.

My computer decided to blow a chip and I’ve been forced to spend 3500 SEK on an upgrade. Apart from replacing the motherboard I had to replace all the RAM too as my system was orginally Rambus based (still, I managed to sell the old RAM second hand for 1200 SEK within 5 hours of placing an advert) and I also had to replace the processor to as my old one was the wrong form factor. Bloody typical.

So those minor set-backs aside, everything else has been *fairly* O.K.

I’ve managed to do some minor updates to the side, namely I’ve added a new tutorial on how to build a Steam-aware installer for Half-Life based mods. Little bit nicer than the old zip file method and a little more intuitive. I’ll eventually move all my downloads to this system.

I also hacked out the relevant parts of the DoD GCF (game cache file) so that I could edit the hideous GUI that Valve shipped with the DoD 1.1 update.

Im still working on a GCF extractor. Pace has been slow due to illness and lack of energy but I’ve had some sucess. The file format is like no other I’ve come across and although I’ve figured out some of it (such as block sizes and part of the indexing) I’ve got a long way to go before fully functional gcf extractor application.

Anyway, now my computer is working and my scanner too (I had to make my machine dual boot XP/98SE to get it to work!) I might be able to put some more pictures on the site.

As the above picture illustrates, I’ve become quite the “fika-monster” of late having discovered the joys of sitting in a café on a rainy day with a huge mug of coffee and cake du jour, watching the world go by.

I suppose not working has some benefits…

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