Aug. 12, 2003 @ 17:09
Hack, Hack, Hack…

sssh! top secret!

So Day of Defeat has been out for a while now and, until the next Half-Life patch is released, is the only Half-Life based mod which supports the new transparent and additive texture render modes on models. Its not hard to make models with these features, its just bloody annoying that you have to compile them and then run Half-Life to see what their going to look like.

I know I’m not the only one who got fed up with this so after a flash of inspiration, I decided to hack at the source code for everyone’s favourite Half-Life tool The Half Life Model viewer.

I wish I hadn’t bothered now because I’m not a C++ programmer and not only did I have to figure that out, I also had to try and learn OpenGL programming on the fly which caused me some major bloody frustrations. Anyway, after about two days and a bit of moral support from a mate, I managed to get the model viewer to render texture transparency and additive textures.

At the moment I have a few bugs to fix and I need to get permission from Mete who wrote the original model viewer to release it but just as proof that it works, here’s som screenshots of it in action.

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