Aug. 19, 2003 @ 02:04

I can’t believe how expensive computer books are these days.

I finally got out of the house and into town to get a book on C++ and while I was at it, picked up one on OpenGL programming – 800 Swedish Kronor Each! Luckily my job comes with an “education fund” so I was able to reclaim the cost using that but man 1600 SEK on books.

Not bad books though, I’m learning a lot and I’ve suddenly realised again how crap I was as matrix mathematics at school. Mrs. Leach will never forgive me. How did I pass GCSE math?

On a more interesting note, I tried to pick up a copy of the Joséz Gonzaléz‘s “Crosses EP” today to discover that all the large record stores in Stockholm have sold out. Makes me feel good to know a talent such as Joséz was that popular.

My friend Vanessa got pretty excited at the news he was playing two gigs in Gothenburg in September (hint hun – invite me down, we’ll go together) but he’s also playing in Stockholm at the Riddarholmsfestivalen. Whats bugging me is I can’t find any info about the festival so I can go see him. The Internet is so shit sometimes.

Oh, “Ape” from my office came over tonight. Haven’t seen him for months. Greek guys are funny.

Responses to “Bookworm”

Jed, you’re such a nerd. 🙂

Posted by Crazy Joe
Wed, August 20th, 2003 @ 19:12

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