Aug. 17, 2003 @ 22:22
Mission accomplished

Well all of the modifications to my version of The Half-Life Model Viewer are pretty much done and I managed to release the latest Beta last night.

I’m still amazed I managed anything at all considering I never learnt C++ but it just shows what you can achieve with a bit of lateral thinking and the help of google.

I must admit, having worked on it for a few weeks now I’m finding OpenGL fascinating and really would like to learn C++ to a suitable degree of proficiency so I can play with it more.

Anyway, geeky stuff aside, care of my friend Vanessa I’ve been listening to and rather enjoying José González and the Crosses EP.

I guess he could be described as a modern, Swedish, Nick Drake although at times he does sound a little too Tracy Chapman for my taste.*

Still, if your a fan of chilled out, almost ghostly, acoustic guitar and voice music I’d recommend it.

* I have ‘issues’ with her since being forced to listen repeatedly to “fast car” as part of GCSE English literature. Your are not forgiven Mr. O’Neil.

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