Tools and utilities for the Valve GoldSrc SDK, Half-Life and Half-Life based games

The following are a couple of small applications I wrote or modified to help with content creation for Half-Life 1 and mods based on it. This includes Day of Defeat, Counterstrike, Opposing Force, BlueShift, etc.

3D Studio Max SMD Export Plug-in – Export Valve SMD model and animation files

Valve HL1/Goldsrc SDK ToolsThis plug-in allows 3D Studio Max to export Valve reference and animation sequence SMD files. For meshes, it supports Standard and Muli/Sub-Object materials, Editable Mesh and Editable Poly geometry, Skin and Physique modifiers and when using Skin, using helper nodes such as dummies as bones.

For animation, it suppords Biped and allows exporting a sub-range of an animation, exporting the sequence backwards, batch mode via Maxscript. For Max 2017 onwards it adds support for alternate UV Channels and in Max 2018 onwards, better support for exporting CAT based skeletons.

For 3DS Max 9 – 2012

For 3DS Max 2017 – 2019

3D Studio Max SMD Import Plug-in – Import SMD model files

Valve HL1/Goldsrc SDK ToolsThis plug-in allows 3D Studio Max to import Valve SMD files. It supports meshes, materials and bones as well as skinning meshes to bones. Animation support is also included.

GUI StudioMDL – GUI wrapper for the MDL model compiler

Valve HL1/Goldsrc SDK ToolsGUI StudioMDL is a GUI wrapper around the StudioMDL model compiler. It allows you to compile models without having to use the command line, while retaining access to the compile parameters and options.

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