“Environmentally Friendly” my arse…Thu, December 13th, 2007 @ 03:26

Call me a stinking hippy but stuff like this really makes my mind boggle…

Currently, these sort of ads have been popping up all over Stockholm during December. The basic premise is that if you visit a Volvo dealership and test drive one of their cars (and their adverts often promote their eco-friendly line of vehicles) you will recieve, while stocks last, a free Christmas tree.

So hang on, you want people to travel to a dealership and take a test drive and in return, you’ll give them a dead (or at least dying) tree. A tree. Something which if you’d left in the ground as nature intended would of gone some way to absorbing the CO2 emissions put out by the car during the strictly unnecessary trip that the test-drive is.

For a company that makes a big deal about their eco-cars this really does strike me as rather hypocritical.

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